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Wisconsin DOT Projects

STH 32 -  City of Port Washington

This project involved the appraisal and acquisition of 61 parcels in the City of Port Washington for reconstruction of STH 32 in collaboration with the WisDOT.  This project was fast tracked because of a limited timeframe to acquire all right of way.  Short format appraisal reports and the nominal parcel payment process were utilized for acquisition of parcels.  All offers were mailed to property owners and two public meetings were held shortly after to answer owners’ concerns and obtain agreements with owners. The meetings were very successful with over 80% of property owners signing up at the meetings.   All parcels were acquired within the time frame.


USH 12 -  City of  Middleton

This project involved providing relocation services for eight businesses for the USH 12 Improvement Project in Middleton in collaboration with the WisDOT. It involved very complex relocation assistance services. All businesses have been relocated successfully and the project is under construction.


STH 113, Dane and Columbia Counties

This project involves acquisition of approximately 63 parcels for WisDOT District 1.  Services included preparation of a Nominal Payment Parcel Report and acquisition of 32 parcels utilizing the nominal process.  All parcels have been acquired timely. 


USH 12 -  Jefferson County

This project involved acquisition of approximately 117 parcels and preparation of a Nominal Payment Parcel Report for reconstruction of the highway. It utilizes the nominal parcel payment process for acquisition of approximately 53 parcels and utilized appraisal reports for the remaining 64 parcels. The project involved acquisition of farmland as well as residential properties. All parcels have been acquired as of April 2004.


STH 16/60 -  Dodge County

This project involves acquisition of approximately 105 parcels in an urban and rural environment for reconstruction of STH 16/60 in collaboration with WisDOT.  Other activities include preparation of a Nominal Payment Parcel Report, short format appraisal preparation and appraisal review. This project was completed on time.


Marquette Interchange -  Milwaukee County

This project involved the acquisition of approximately 15 commercial property parcels in the Marquette Interchange.  Other services included preparation of a feasibility study for acquiring lands near the Marquette Interchange to be used for a construction staging area.  This project was in collaboration with Milwaukee Transportation Partners and the WisDOT.


USH 151 – Madison to Sun Prairie

This WisDOT project involved acquisition services and relocation assistance services for commercial as well as residential properties.  The scope of work involved preparation of a Relocation Stage Acquisition Plan, negotiation and acquisition of 16 parcels and relocation of four parcels. Right of Way costs exceeded $6,000,000. This project was completed timely and the road is now under construction.