G.J. Miesbauer & Associates, Inc.

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About Us

Gerald J. Miesbauer, SR/WA
President and Owner


In 1962, Jerry began his career in the WisDOT Milwaukee District Office as an engineering aid 1.  He remained in Milwaukee until 1975 and gradually worked his way to a level 4 real estate agent.  His responsibilities included serving as district project leader for major complex real estate projects and serving as a member of a special task force assigned to appraise and acquire right of way for I-43.  In 1975, Jerry became the Real Estate Manager in the WisDOT Madison District Office, holding this position until 1991.  He was responsible for the management and direction of a comprehensive all-mode transportation district real estate program that included appraisal and negotiation, lands management, and relocation assistance functions.  In 1991, Jerry was promoted to Director of Real Estate for WisDOT.  In this capacity, he oversaw all real estate activities statewide.  In addition, he was responsible for the management of internal and external relationships including, but not limited to, acting as technical advisor to the Division Administrator and Department Secretary on all real estate matters, serving as liaison and consultant to other divisions and departments in co-related real estate matters, and interacting with the Governor's office and Legislature on real estate matters affecting and affected by department actions.  He held this position until his retirement from WisDOT in 1994.

Shortly thereafter, Jerry joined Land Acquisitions, Inc. as Regional Manager and managed the general administration of transportation projects in WI, including creation and monitoring of budgets and schedules.  Also in this position, he trained project staff in policies and procedures required under WI laws, codes and guidelines.  In 1997, Jerry established GJ Miesbauer and Associates, Inc. (GJMA), a full service real estate acquisition firm specializing in Eminent Domain based transactions.  The family business has grown considerably since its creation.  In addition to local and WisDOT highway projects, GJMA has completed redevelopment projects, local sewer and water main projects, local facility expansion projects, and Flood Mitigation Grant Program projects.  However, GJMA’s main focus has always been to provide the necessary services for Wisconsin’s transportation agencies.  In addition to successfully managing the intricacies of a small business, Jerry has functioned as negotiator, appraiser, relocation specialist and project manager.


Jerry has been a member of IRWA for over 40 years.  He achieved and maintained the “Senior” designation since 1977. He has been approved by WisDOT as a negotiator to acquire real estate for WisDOT projects.

Jerry is a seasoned professional who is capable of interpreting and implementing all functional areas of real estate according to laws, statues, codes and policies. He has demonstrated expertise in oral and written communications and has taken the lead in public involvement.  He also is well versed in functioning with other disciplines, such as design and construction.  In his 45+ years of experience, he has seen and solved any potential acquisition challenge that could develop, making him an unequaled resource to have on any project.

Peter Miesbauer
Vice President and Project Manager

In 1997, Peter began his career with Land Acquisitions Inc. and learned the finer points of Eminent Doman transactions from WisDOT veterans Jerry Miesbauer and Donald Spenner.  He assisted with acquisition and relocation work on WisDOT USH 10 & 29 projects.  He also assisted with the completion of a major Acquisition Stage Relocation Plan for the City of Fond du Lac’s STH 23 project.  This project involved over 50 residential displacees and over 15 commercial displacees.   In 1999, Peter joined his father at GJMA, functioning as primary negotiator and relocation specialist.   During his ten years with GJMA, Peter has been involved in every aspect of the business, from project management to marketing and project procurement to the intricacies of operating a small business including payroll and financial management.  Peter has functioned as Project Manager on numerous projects overseeing the responsibilities and actions of multiple team members as well as being to point of contact for the acquiring agency whether it is a local public agency or WisDOT.  Though these projects, Peter has shown the ability and aptitude to manage all aspects of any Right of Way project, whether large or small.  His use of innovative techniques and outside the box thinking helps to ensure successful and timing completion of projects. 

Since joining G.J. Miesbauer & Associates in 1999, Peter Miesbauer has been involved in the acquisition of right of way and providing relocation assistance for numerous projects for both WisDOT and Local Public Agency.  He has been responsible for completing acquisition stage relocation plans, identifying comparable housing and business properties, calculating replacement payments for both residences and businesses, completing Nominal Payment Parcel Reports, providing recommendations between real property fixtures to be purchased and personal property to be moved, preparing short format appraisals, performing objective appraisal review, completing administrative revision recommendations, assisting with both residential and commercial moves, obtaining commercial move estimates, compiling business personal property inventories, acquiring parcels through the condemnation process and providing assistance with completing necessary relocation claims and appropriate documentation.

As a project Manager, Peter has completed multiple projects by utilizing the now recognized “blitz meeting” style for nominal parcels.  An early example of this method was successfully used in 2001 for a project in Port Washington on STH 32.  This project set the standard for this innovative process by acquiring all parcels in 4 months without a single condemnation.  A different method was used in Oconomowoc on Wisconsin Avenue to acquire over 100 parcels in 7 months.  On this project all parcels were appraised to ensure the City was in the best position to finish the acquisition as quickly as possible.  “Open hours” were held at City Hall twice monthly before every City Council meeting for property owners to have questions answered and issues addressed.  The method was also successful with all required parcels being acquired for the scheduled construction letting.

Peter’s relocation experience includes working with displacees ranging from automotive dealerships and large manufacturing plants to an elderly widow being asked to move from the home she has lived in for 60 years.  Some of his more challenging projects include:  Cecil Street in Neenah, involving 16 residential displacees all moving to new housing in a short 6 months; Washburn Avenue in Oshkosh, involving 2 auto dealerships moving to a newly constructed replacement location within a 6 month period; a business relocation involving the upgrading and retrofitting of a large lyophilizer or industrial freeze dryer.  Initially, it was thought the item should be purchased, but the value of the machine was substantially higher than the cost to move, upgrade and retrofit the machine to a new location.  Peter coordinated with the machine’s manufacturer and obtained the necessary estimates needed for the relocation.

Peter is a member of IRWA and has completed IRWA Principles of Real Estate Acquisition – Negotiation, Law, Engineering, Business and Residential Relocation courses in addition to several other courses.  He also attended and completed the IRWA/WisDOT Relocation Plan Development workshop, as well as Advanced Residential and Business Relocation courses from FHWA/NHI. He is approved as a negotiator to acquire real estate for WisDOT projects. He has also had READS training by WisDOT staff.

Peter has outstanding people skills and displays these abilities by establishing rapport and a level of trust while working with individual property owners.  He is an excellent problem solver and is determined to work out the best solution for property owners and clients as a negotiator as well as relocation specialist.  He is proficient in computer skills and graphic aids and uses these abilities to further enhance his organizational skills. He has an excellent understanding of the real estate and relocation process and is able to perform his duties effectively and successfully.